image7Day Care

The dogs that attend K9 Boot Camp’s daycare will benefit from the opportunity to socialize and exercise with other dogs of similar temperament in a safe, fun, closely monitored environment. All new dogs will be slowly introduced to the dogs of the day, to insure their comfort with the new environment and to maintain a positive experience. Your dog will enjoy play in one of our spacious indoor runs, or go out for a romp in our fresh air run. Our trained staff will reinforce the positive-behaviors of each dog while monitoring them in their playgroup. At the end of the day you will retrieve a well-entertained, relaxed and happy dog. Our intense daily routine will help prevent separation-anxiety, destructiveness and boredom.

All dogs must take and pass our free evaluation and temperament test before attending day care or socialization. All dogs must be up to date with their vaccines and covered with a flea and tick preventative.


Socialization is a little different than day care. Socialization is open to any dogs that may need more socializing because they show some fear around other dogs, aggression, shyness, etc. this requires a trainers supervision during each session and dogs are coached and trained how to play properly by the k9 staff members; Kira, Jericho, Lobo or Oakley. These dogs are super socialized and have a great deal of respect for new dogs entering the pack that may be shy or scared. They give them space to adjust and teach them confidence! Trainers also coach play behaviors to make sure only the best play behaviors are being encouraged!

Every dog attending socialization sessions must be introduced on a muzzle and may need a muzzle for a few days during their first few sessions. Muzzle conditioning your dog before joining socialization is a must! Socialization also includes doggie fitness props and weird objects to help boost shy or fearful dog’s confidence in their surroundings.

Day Boarding

What is day boarding? For those dogs that need a retreat from home but are not well suited to the energetic environment of dog daycare, your pup will be treated to luxury accommodations in either a standard or deluxe suite. They will receive individual play sessions with a member of our trained staff. Daycare rates apply.