What Is the Best Thing We Can Teach You?

We’re going to change the way you communicate with your dog, and help you build an extraordinary relationship with them. To do this, we’ve designed every group class with you and your dog in mind. We’re teachers by trade, and trainers by passion. We love what we do, and it shows.

A free evaluation may be necessary prior to the start of the class. During the evaluation we’ll decide together which level is right for you.

Dog Training Group Classes Overview

nalaPuppy Kindergarten (6 Week Course)
How you start off with your puppy may be the most important decision you make. This group class will teach you how to handle: nipping, jumping, counter-surfing, potty training, shaping new behaviors, and more. Puppy Class is for any puppy under 6 months. This course includes off leash play time for puppy socialization, and education on proper dog to dog interactions while still teaching all of the basic commands such as sit, down, stay and coming when called. The American Kennel Club’s, My Puppy Is A Star certification testing is included in this course.

Puppy Social  (3 sessions) Socializing your puppy at a young age is key to having a well mannered and socialized dog around other dogs in his future. Puppy play time also encourages proper play behaviors, discourages puppy mouthing (nipping) and you will learn key pointers on when your puppy should be “timed out” and why, what proper play and dog/puppy interactions should look like. This isn’t the dog park because we actually monitor the play behaviors and intervene if a puppy should be acting rude and exhibiting behaviors that may get him in trouble or into a conflict later on in K9 life. Dog fights at parks usually happen because there are no time outs or breaks, no one is discouraging the bad behaviors and your good little puppy might be picking up them all!

Kids & K9s (4 Week Course)

k9bc_hikeday-2-of-24Deciding to bring a new puppy into the family with young children, or preparing for a new child with a family dog can be challenging. Kids & K9’s was created to help better teach puppies and children proper interactions and social skills. In this class, you will learn the signs, understand canine language, and create training and games for small children to teach and learn with their puppies.


Obedience One (6 Week Course)
We begin by teaching you canine learning theory so that you will be able to communicate and understand your dog on a whole new level. We start by teaching you several commands such as Watch, Sit, Down, Come, Loose Leash Walking and much more! You will learn tips and exercises to expand your dog’s vocabulary and to create a powerful bond between you and your dog.

Intermediate (6 Week Course)
Let’s take your level 1 class to the next level! While perfecting cues and skills that you and your dog have previously learned in level 1 class, you will learn to add distractions to the previous training, understand commands at a distance, and new exercises, such as Go To Your Bed, Wait at the Door, Crate Games, Heel, and much more!

tanker standCGC: AKC Canine Good Citizen | Class and Exam
If your dog is a good citizen, they deserve to be recognized. We’ll prepare you and your dog to pass the Canine Good Citizen Exam, so they can receive the recognition they deserve.

The AKC’s Canine Good Citizen Program is designed to recognize dogs who have good manners at home and in the community… All dogs who pass the 10 step CGC test may receive a certificate from the American Kennel Club.

Advanced: (6 week course) In this class we will show you how to get off leash reliability, heeling around distractions, recall off another dog/distractions. This course is a must for any dog and their owner who have undergone previous training and are looking for a good challenge!

Good Manners: (4 week course) this class course focuses on patience, teaching your dog boundaries and how to control their impulses when excited. This class is a great fit for those who cannot commit to a 6 week group class course and are looking for something shorter. This Class teaches how to get your dog to stop lunging out of the front door, car door, gate, as well as teach polite food manners, no jumping up, walking nicely in public and are introduced to leash pressure training. Lets face it, we have to fade off that food at some point!

Great Out-Doors (4 week course) This 4 week course is held out doors at local parks such as Overpeck County Park or Hudson County Park in North Bergen NJ. These out door courses are offered in many different levels such as Out Door Basics, Out Door Advanced CGC and Out Door Advanced. The courses focus on getting your dogs attention when outside in the real world. Imagine calling your dog and he comes to you even when he sees a squirrel! We work on attention, heeling passed other dogs and people in the park, long distance stays and recalls and so much more! While this class is designed to help you have better off leash control, the entire class is taught on 20-30 foot long line training leads to ensure your dog’s safety at all times. For reliability when off leash see our E-Collar Courses below.

Out-Door Wonders
  (Coming Soon)
This is a fun high speed class, that will challenge you and your dog mentally and physically. Imagine being able to call your dog to come to you without a leash, walk by your side off leash as other dogs are around, and listen on command out-doors! Outdoor Wonders is for owners and their dogs needing more attention and control while outdoors and off leash. This class curriculum is perfect for anyone that struggles with getting their dog to come to them outdoors such as in a dog park, off leash or when around other dogs. This class offers a wide variety of recalls, stays, distractions and off leash control. (dogs that are enrolled for this class, must have some basic training and understanding of stay, recalls, leave it and focus cues. (This class is NOT recommended for aggressive or reactive dogs. Please see a Trainer for other class offerings.)


E-Collar Courses

Intermediate-Remote offers the next level to your dog training by introducing the fundamentals of leash pressure and the e-collar. Do not mistake the e-collar for a shock collar. Shock collars were used many, many years ago when training wasn’t evolved. Modernized e-collars are far more gentle and contain very low level stem and are NOT the ones you find in pet stores. K9 Boot Camp offers e-collar training to anyone who has had a foundation in basic training and understands the importance of strong basic training before implementing the e-collar. Intermediate-Remote is open to anyone who has completed Obedience 1, Puppy Kindergarten, or Good Manners Class. If you are looking to further your dog’s training by getting off leash reliability and perfect heeling around distractions (even without a leash) you will need to be trained on e-collar usage. Intermediate-Remote covers commands such as Place, Stay, Long distance Recall, Shaping the Heel, and much more! Intermediate-Remote is required before taking Advanced-Remote which is our Off Leash Training Class.

Advanced-Remote offers Obedience at a distance, Reliability around distractions, Recall OFF Distractions, Heeling Off Leash, etc. This Class is run indoors and primarily all dogs are off leash. E-collar training is mastered at this level and dogs and owners are fluent with it’s usage.

E-Collar Out Doors is offered to anyone who has completed our Intermediate-Remote or both, Intermediate-Remote and Advanced-Remote. Once your dog is responding reliably in our indoor classes, we want to take it outside and proof them around distractions in every day real life. This Class is run more like having a private session with the trainer which is why the groups are kept small. You will learn to call your dog off a squirrel or bird, Sit, Down, Heel, and Stay and how to proof these commands out doors and around distractions. Dog owners will be using E collar training techniques taught in our Intermediate and Advanced Remote classes.

Reactive Fido (coming soon(6 week class) K9 Boot Camp does a Reactive Fido different than any one else. While other competitors run a reactive class by having ALL reactive dogs in a class (wouldn’t this just make the dog more stressed/reactive?) K9 Boot Camp offers this class to ONE reactive dog and ALL of the other dogs are TRAINED dogs. this allows the reactive dog to feel more comfortable, the environment isn’t as noisy and stressful causing your dog to be worse, but rather is full of well balanced energy and calm dogs that are passive to your dogs reactive behavior. this allows him/her to be trained first BEFORE making them put up with other reactivity. This just makes more sense! K9 Boot Camp does this by bringing their own trained dogs or other certified trained dogs to sit in on each class and rotates each dog so that you’re dog doesn’t only get used to the same dogs in class and then goes and reacts differently to strange dogs on the street. This course is set up to allow your dog the most success!

Dog Nose Work (coming soon)
Did you lose your keys or your remote again? What if your dog could help you find them? Harnessing the power of a dog’s nose can help calm an over excited dog by giving them a job. Mental exertion like this requires more energy from your dog than a 5-mile walk, and will give them a challenge unlike any other. This Class is also recommended to aid in separation anxiety cases and is used in the K9 Boot Camp’s Board and Train program for rehabilitation.

Train The Trainers
A Program designed to train and certify dog trainers to work and train at K9 Boot Camp. Every one of our dog Trainers teaching a class or running our programs and seminars, have all met the requirements and have been certified through this program through K9 Boot Camp’s Standards.