What Others Say About Us


“We decided to get a new family member i.e a French Mastiff puppy. The closest we have ever come to having a pet before this was having a gold fish. So in other words we were total newbies as far as dogs are concerned.

Emily was recommended by another trainer who couldn’t match our availability. First phone call to Emily and I was totally convinced she would be the trainer for our pup. She is extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. Registering for the puppy kindergarten classes was a breeze. She was accommodating and cooperative with our crazy schedules and it was evident she only had the puppy’s interest at heart.

My husband and daughter take the pup to the class on Wednesdays and from Thursday up to next Wednesday my daughter brings up Emily’s name at at least few times every day. That’s the kind of impact she has had on her. Not only does she train our pup but she trains my daughter to manage and be in better control of the pup.

In just 4 classes our beloved has shown amazing results under Emily’s training. Her professionalism and love for dogs was seen through right from our first interaction with her.

If you have a new pet or are looking to get your dog trained, honestly don’t even bother looking up anybody else, because you won’t find a better trainer and a kinder soul than Emily. Her other trainers are equally qualified and K9 will make sure you and your pet bond in the most amazing way.

I know we have a trainer for life as far as our dog is concerned. Thank you K9 and Emily for your existence.”


“With the recent addition of our Weimaraner pups into our family, K9 Boot Camp have been instrumental in helping us establish the foundation for successful and responsible canine ownership. As dog owners it is our responsibility to train our four legged companions to be well behaved and socially adapted. Having two highly, energetic Weimaraner siblings in our home creates an intense dynamic requiring absolute adherence to positive training, repetition and structure. Emily has provided Slate and Chase with one on one private instruction specifically tailored to their breed’s particular characteristics. We later enjoyed participating in group intermediate class with e-collar which has helped shape and reinforce the behaviors in a positive manner. What we’ve found in K9 Boot Camp is a set of highly skilled professionals trained in animal behavior with a passion for excellence. We anticipate further training to include advanced sessions as well as “Board and Train.” If you have a particular problem behavior with your dog or just want help in teaching them good manners: call Emily, she is highly recommended and can help.”

RobertChase and Slate - Weimaraners

“I have been working the Emily Adams since the summer of 2013 when Maiko, my German Shepard, was 6 months old. Maiko was extremely smart and passed her classes with flying colors but she was reactive to people and dogs and I knew that I needed additional obedience training beyond the basics. Fortunately, Emily works independently as well so she started working privately with Maiko at an early age.

Maiko could not be walked around the neighborhood without jumping and barking and terrorizing people who were strolling around. My two teenage sons refused to talk her for a walk because she embarrassed them. The first time Emily took her on a private training class she came back with a video showing Maiko walking along side Anderson Avenue, a very busy avenue, without barking at anyone. She even stopped to speak to some people. Without the video, I would not have believed her. During the next few months, they also worked on greeting people and on avoiding potential situations with small children running toward the dog, people coming over the house, etc.

Maiko’s bred is a tough one. GSG’s are bred to be guard dogs and herders and need a strong pack leader. These factors are crucial to their balanced well-being. Thanks to Emily’s advice and hardwork, Maiko is now two and half years old and does very well around many situations. Emily has also trained me to read Maiko’s signs to help me to become a better owner and pack leader.

Maiko absolutely adores and respects Emily’s calm and commanding demeanor. We are lucky to have Emily be part of our lives and will continue to support her and her work for many more years to come.”

MartizaMaiko - German Shepard

“Before Emily came into our lives Zeppelin was showing aggression towards other dogs as well as my husband. After quite a few sessions, and some boosters with Emily, Zep is now able to make new dog friends, and has limited aggression towards my husband. Her ability to understand and work with our dog’s strengths and pick up on Zeppelin’s signals was amazing.”


“I first met Emily at a group training class in April 2015. I had just adopted Scooter a couple of months ago and his foster mom recommended I do some training with him. He is very reactive to other dogs, barking uncontrollably and wanting to go toward the other dog. I was not able to get him to listen and respond to me. When I first brought him to class, he started to bark at the other dogs, and she recommended that we start with private training sessions as his barking would disrupt the class. To this date, I have had about five sessions with Emily and it has been so great and rewarding. She is great with Scooter, understands the situation and tailors the training based on his progress. We have already seen great progress have a few sessions. He responds to his name and has learned many of the basic commands. She has even brought her dog in for one session to gauge his reactivity. She also recommended a local dog walker who would work with him on socialization with other dogs and to also help advance the private sessions with her. I have followed her recommendations and so far they have been great and very helpful.

Emily is a wonderful trainer, positive and professional and makes training fun and something that my dog and I look forward to.”


“I was very lucky to have found Emily as she really helped me and my dog. I worked with her twice in obedience training for my sheltie. My dog was an excessive barker and was easily distracted. Emily taught me numerous things to correct the behavior and it changed my relationship with my dog. She is amazing, kind and very knowledgeable.”