Meet Our Trainers

Emily Adams – CEO and founder for K9 Boot Camp, serves as the camp’s Dog Obedience Trainer, Class Coordinator, Rehab Center’s Behaviorist and program creator. Emily has created several programs to aid any dog with any challenge. Emily has worked with many types of different dogs and their owners in need of different training types and was inspired to create a center where all dogs, even the most difficult, could come, stay, and be trained at the center after working with her first two dog aggressive dogs that needed a board and train program. Emily has worked with many owners facing the challenges of their dog’s aggression, fears, and social destruction and not being able to manage it themselves, Emily created a center welcoming any dog and owner with any challenge to have a better life together.

Emily Adams’ certifications and experiences as a canine trainer include: Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer certification (ABCDT), Canine Good Citizen Evaluator from the American Kennel Club, Professional Member of the Association for Professional Dog Trainers (APDT), Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers -Knowledge assessed (CPDT-KA). Emily has worked with dogs and their owners from a young age and has been professionally training owner’s and their dogs for over 9 years. Emily works with some of the best trainers at K9 Boot Camp to ensure the quality owners are looking for for their dog training needs and every one of the camp’s trainers has undergone rigorous training to ensure every trainer is capable of handling any dog in any situation!

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