Online Evaluation Form

To submit an online evaluation, please read the instructions as follows:

Please fill out the evaluation form. Please do not leave blank as this can result in non-consideration of application.

After completing the evaluation form with all information, please upload 3 separate videos. Videos should not exceed 4 minutes.

Video 1 should show dog walking on a leash with the owner up or down a sidewalk or street. FULL details of dog’s body MUST be shown. Please do not cut off tail, ears, shoulders, have dog wearing sweaters or harnesses that block the trainer from being able to see fur, shoulder setting, posture setting, etc.

Video 2 Owner walks their dog on a leash passed another dog going for a walk or a dog behind a fence. Dogs should NOT touch or approach each other for this video, just walk passed each other. If you cannot find a dog to walk past on the street find an enclosed fence with dogs inside and walk passed that. Dog cannot be a family member or friend.

Video 3 shows your dog inside the home. This can be relaxing, playing with a toy, watching tv with the family, etc.

After you have submitted the evaluation form with these 3 videos you will receive a confirmation email that your evaluation is being considered. Once it has been approved, you will then receive an additional email with instructions to book your online evaluation consultation session with a trainer.

In the session the trainer will address what they see from the dog’s temperament in video submissions and client’s questionnaire and address what programs will best fit your dog based off the evaluation and consultation. You will then be given your pricing of the program and all details.

Transport Services

K9 Boot Camp offers pick-up transport services every second Tuesday and every 3rd Thursday of every month. Clients and their dogs booking a check-in time to start their training program will be given a transport pick-up date and time. The trainer will then meet with you and your dog and transport the dog to facility or stay in-home depending on what program was agreed on.

Transport Fee: $100/per dog/per trip

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