Personal and Family Protection Training

Protection Training Level 1:

Guard when handler is threatened

Guard on command

Out on command

Auto Attack and Attack on command

All obedience (on leash) is included


Protection Training Level 2:

Protection level 2 incorperates off leash protection control, and commands at a distance. Level 2 includes everything in level 1, but adds:

Guard from afar

Chase down enemy and attack

Out from afar

Recall into Heel

Protection Off Leash

Includes all on leash obedience.


Protection Training Level 3:

Level 3 includes everything in level 1 and 2 but adds:

Guard your back (dog watches from behind you)

Search and find into cars and/or homes

Alert when enemy is found in car/home

Protect Home, A business, or Property

Level 1 starts at $20,000

Level 2 starts at $30,000

Level 3 starts at $45,000

Prices may vary depending on dog and client’s goals. Please note ALL protection purchases require an evaluation of the dog first. The dog MUST be able to sustain and do the work of a personal protection dog demonstrating strong nerves, aggression, and temperament.

If you do not have a personal protection qualified dog, K9 Boot Camp can provide one for you.

Any personal protection dog sold by K9 Boot Camp is priced individually and is not included in the protection program pricing.