K9 Boot Camp now offers grooming services!


Like all of our team members at K9 Boot Camp, our groomers take great pride in their education and knowledge about our canine customers! Daria our head groomer has over 5 years experience with grooming dogs. She even grooms rabbits, ferrets, Guinea pigs, you name it! She is a member of the International Professional Groomer’s Inc. the National Dog Groomer’s Association of America Inc.

Daria has also completed several grooming schools with years of hands on experience and has attended many seminars and work shops including Groom Expo and Intergroom. She continues to search for learning opportunities in the grooming field and always goes above and beyond to give your dog the best grooming experience and hair cut!

Grooming Hours:
8am (drop off) – 5pm (pick up)

Call for pricing!


Rates are based off dog’s weight,
hair shape, and skin type.