What Is the Best Thing We Can Teach You?

We’re going to change the way you communicate with your dog, and help you build an extraordinary relationship with them. To do this, we’ve designed every group class with you and your dog in mind. We’re teachers by trade, and trainers by passion. We love what we do, and it shows.

A free evaluation may be necessary prior to the start of the class. During the evaluation we’ll decide together which level is right for you.

Dog Training Group Classes Overview

Puppy Kindergarten (6 Week Course)
How you start off with your puppy may be the most important decision you make. This group class will teach you how to handle: nipping, jumping, counter-surfing, potty training, shaping new behaviors, and more. Puppy Class is for any puppy under 6 months. This course includes off leash play time for puppy socialization, and education on proper dog to dog interactions while still teaching all of the basic commands such as sit, down, stay and coming when called. The American Kennel Club’s, My Puppy Is A Star certification testing is included in this course.

Kids & K9s

Deciding to bring a new puppy into the family with young children, or preparing for a new child with a family dog can be challenging. Kids & K9’s was created to help better teach puppies and children proper interactions and social skills. In this class, you will learn the signs, understand canine language, and create training and games for small children to teach and learn with their puppies.

If you are a school or organization looking to host this class as a summer class or specialty class at your school, please contact our training center to speak with Emily.